Hi, I’m Bride (for the purposes of this blog at least!) and I’m an extremely happy newly wed who is settling nicely into married life.

I work full time in an office and just like most of you, I lead a busy life with many arms and legs that all demand my attention at the same time.

I got married to my best friend and the love of my life in May 2014 and I am extremely proud of the wedding day we put together.

We never set out to go DIY on so many parts of our wedding and although it made things more stressful at times, in the end it made everything mean so much more, so it was certainly worthwhile.

This website and blog is an adventure. It will document our personal journey into married life and along the way it will hopefully help all you other brides who would like to buck the trend and do something different.

Although planning a wedding comes to an end, culminating in an overwhelming and exhausting day, I hope that this blog evolves into something that will help all future brides along the way in the roller coaster that is wedding planning, particularly if you’re going down the DIY route.

This one is for all you individuals who want to add the finishing touches to your day with your own two hands. This is is for all the ladies (and men) who are going to fit all this in around your busy and hectic lives. And this is for all you brides who are strong and determined enough to push past what everyone says you ‘need’ to have to get to what you actually want and what you really need to have.

Let’s toast to all you DIY Brides out there and to My Big Fat DIY Wedding!

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