Dreamy Beach Wedding – 06/06/2013

Work is getting extremely busy for the both of us, ahead of everyone’s summer holidays. August tends to get a bit quiet, but the run-up seems to get more and more manic as each year goes by. Wedding planning has therefore taken a bit of a back seat, although we’ve still been doing quite a lot of thinking.

I’m off to Cyprus in just over a week’s time to visit my parents and sisters, and since we haven’t actually made any concrete decisions yet and certainly haven’t booked anything yet, then why not go and have a look at some potential wedding venues over there? Groom isn’t actually going to be there, but I can have a look and feed back some of my thoughts. After all, wouldn’t a beach wedding be wonderful??

I mentioned this to my sisters and they were of course, extremely excited and said they would be happy to accompany me to the various sea-side venues. I have started researching the nicer wedding venues in Cyprus online and have shortlisted the following places:

1. Capo Bay Hotel: this hotel is in Protaras, set along the famous Fig Tree beach and it’s just a beautiful place:

The beautiful Capo Bay Hotel

The beautiful Capo Bay Hotel

2. Grecian Park Hotel: this hotel is located by Cape Greco, the famous headland in the southeastern part of the island and sits midway between Protaras and Ayia Napa. This hotel is absolutely stunning and I think it is my favourite at the moment:

The Stunning Grecian Park Hotel

The Stunning Grecian Park Hotel

3. Sunrise Beach Hotel: also located in Protaras, Sunrise Beach Hotel is also nice, but perhaps not one of the top ones:

Breathtaking views from the Sunrise Beach Hotel

Breathtaking views from the Sunrise Beach Hotel

4. Grecian Sands Hotel: finally Grecian Sands Hotel is located in Ayia Napa and also enjoys some stunning views:

Grecian Sands Hotel

The Grecian Sands Hotel

I’m so excited! I have already spoken to most of the wedding/event coordinators at these venues and have started to set up times to meet them for viewings/more information.

In the meantime, we have also been emailing several venues in Oxfordshire, trying to find out whether there is anything else out there that might interest us. It’s hard work finding a venue!

I will be posting updates when I go and see these venues in Cyprus, so watch this space!


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