A Quintissential English Wedding – 11/05/2013

DIY Wedding Woodstock

The lovely village of Woodstock

We have made a preliminary guest list and have estimated that around 70 people will likely attend. This appears to be quite a hefty amount to Groom, however this number assumes that most of my family members who are spread out all across the world (who must be invited), will not be able to come. To put things into perspective, if everyone who was going to be (or should be) invited came, there would be closer to 160 guests.

After spending most of the week convincing Groom to at least consider having a small wedding in Oxfordshire, we went to see some venues in a beautiful, picturesque town just outside Oxford called Woodstock. We could get married at the Woodstock Town Hall and then walk over to whichever hotel/restaurant we choose for our reception. It would be SUCH an English Wedding!

We saw some beautiful little boutique hotels, such as Feathers Hotel, Macdonald Bear Hotel and independent restaurants, like the lovely restaurant at the King’s Arms Hotel, but none of them were able to accommodate around 70 guests. They all said they might be able to get 50 in at a squeeze.

On further discussion and exploration of the town, we found that as most of our guests are actually coming in from outside of Oxfordshire (mostly from the London area), Woodstock would not be all that suitable. It’s a small town: parking is scarce, not cheap and neither are the few hotels.

As unique, beautiful and picturesque as it is, Woodstock is not the place for our wedding.

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