Wedding Package Tweaking – 23/05/2013

I have spent most of this week in email correspondence with the events coordinator at the Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa.

I explained our request for a ‘tweaked’ package further: we wanted to start our entire wedding day later; have the ceremony start at 4pm, follow that by a reception drink with canapes, and then go into an evening meal/reception rolled into one (leaving out the traditional wedding breakfast in the afternoon altogether).

That would more than cover our needs. Neither of us are that traditional and given that our union is also a union of two different backgrounds and cultures, it would suit us better to mix the two in our wedding.

After bit more confusion we finally reached the point where we understood each other, but unfortunately it was still looking like it would come to around £7,000. Although it was a beautiful place and we already knew that the food there is delicious (we had been to a few work Christmas parties there), £7,000 was way out of our intended budget, so we have decided against the Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa. 

Groom and I have been discussing this in quite a bit of detail as you can imagine, and we are thinking that if we want such a different wedding, then it’s never going to fit into the standard wedding packages that most venues offer. What’s the point in trying to make it fit? Venues have tried to make things easier for everyone by offering these packages, so why are we trying to make things harder for everyone again by turning things around again?

We need to rethink exactly what we’d like for our wedding and how we see ourselves celebrating that day. To be continued!

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