Wedding Questions – 31/05/2013

Keep Calm & don't ask questions!We’ve spent the last week rethinking our wedding plans and our approach to the wedding. We’ve gone through quite the cycle of changing our minds about what kind of day we would like. We’ve now more or less agreed that we don’t particularly want a big, long day that starts at 2pm. We’d prefer to kick things off from 4pm and go more or less straight into an evening reception with some food, drink, cake and then dancing.

Over the weekend, Groom took me out to an al fresco lunch in the glorious sunshine and we had a good long talk about the wedding. It turned out that we were both a little concerned about how we would have our family and friends all in one room. We have some big age differences and some cultural differences that we are both quite worried about. It doesn’t feel like it would work without someone making an inappropriate comment or drinking themselves into oblivion. Now we’re wondering whether to have a small and intimate family-only wedding and then follow that by a big party/reception on a completely different day to celebrate with the friends/younger generations.

This would just make things so much easier and stress-free. One family thing and one friend thing. Each would be half the size and therefore half the cost and the friends one, well we know they would prefer a night out on the town anyway!

In the meantime, we have had various family members and friends asking about the wedding. All of the questions are being asked out of curiosity and excitement. Nobody is deliberately trying to be difficult but when we are so unsure yet about what the best thing to do is, it makes it very hard to give answers to satisfy people. The top asked questions at this stage are:

– Have you sorted out the plan for the wedding? (I think by this they actually mean have you planned the entire wedding!)
– Where are you having the wedding?
– Have you booked the venue?
– Don’t forget we need hotels.
– How can we help?

When we say that we don’t know yet, we always get told not to leave it too long and that people need a good amount of notice so they can plan their time too. Don’t they think we already know this? Don’t they think we’d like to have everything sorted out and arranged more than anyone?
I just tell myself to take a deeeeeeeep breath and remember that everybody means well. Their intentions are good. They just want the best for us. As I’ll soon discover, the annoying questions haven’t even started!

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