Closer to the goal – 14/07/2013

Groom and I had a nice long chat about our wedding last weekend and we are getting closer to the goal, believe it or not!

After some lengthy discussions we agreed that we would prefer a very low key and small ceremony with only immediate family members in a registry office. We could then follow that with a small dinner with our families and we would then have a separate party for our friends to come along to and drink themselves silly. We thought that keeping family and friends apart might make everything a bit easier to manage.

So with this in mind, we went to see a little hotel nearby, just outside Bicester called Bignell Park Hotel. It’s a very charming little hotel and would be good for a smaller wedding, but it didn’t quite strike the right chord with us. We were also still keeping a slightly larger wedding party in the back of our minds, which was not constructive to our new plan.

Everything was still a little muddled, but it was becoming ever clearer that we wanted to stay as low key as possible and only invite those who really must be invited. Wedding confusion continues…

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