Father of the Bride’s opinion – 19/09/2013

It has been a while since I posted an update. Admittedly, we have somewhat allowed ourselves to relax since we booked our ceremony and reception venues, and since we gave notice of marriage and booked our registrar. Phew! To me, these were the main things that were important to get booked before we could go ahead with anything else, so as soon as they were confirmed, a huge weight felt like it had been lifted off my shoulders.

Also, in the meantime, one of my sisters has come over to the UK from Cyprus to begin her first year of university and Dad came over with her, so we’ve been juggling work and spending time with them. Today, Dad and two of my sisters came up to Oxford for the day and we couldn’t NOT show them our ceremony and reception venues!

We took them to both the Oxford Town Hall and then down to The Folly Restaurant and they loved both of the venues. Father of the Bride was so enthusiastic and impressed with what he saw, that he rang my Mum while we were at The Folly to tell her all about them. It was so lovely to see and actually made me feel quite at ease with our plans.

I think it’s easy for me to forget that most brides (not all of course!) who plan their weddings, do so in close proximity and contact with their Mums and/or Dads. So for me to not have my parents around or that involved is something I think I have missed out on a bit. Certainly my Mum feels that she is missing out on helping plan her first daughter’s wedding due to the distance, difference and busyness of our lives.

So to see my Dad so excited and hear my Mum so happy reminded me that they probably feel the gap more than I do but it also made me feel like they are actually very much there, behind us to support us no matter what. They might not help with wedding venues, favours or even dresses, but they are certainly there to offer advice, second opinions and back us up whenever needed. As we will find throughout our journey, my parents will consistently reassure us that our decisions and suggestions are perfectly acceptable. They will be there to shoo away our doubts and to keep us motivated and excited. And for that we will be eternally grateful and never able to show our appreciation.

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