The finer wedding details – 08/10/2013

It’s nice to be able to search for and think about the finer wedding details; Invitations, flowers and, more importantly, the dress!

The invitations have actually been ordered (order placed this morning!), so hopefully they should arrive next week. I’ll do a blog entry on those when they arrive.

Along with the invitations, we have been thinking about flowers because our reception venue has an agreement with one of the ladies who live nearby. She does the flowers for the restaurant and because the style is very romantic, French, vintage shabby chic, they recommended I get in touch with her so she could do something nice for us.

We would like to keep flowers as simple as possible, because the venue itself is rather beautiful – it doesn’t need to be overwhelmed by flowers/decorations really.

The style of flowers that is usually found in The Folly, Oxford.

The style of flower arrangements that are usually found in The Folly, Oxford.

The other thing on the radar at the moment is the dress. Dress searching (especially online) is a constant¬†activity¬†during more or less every moment of wedding planning. It’s a difficult decision. Some brides know (and have always known) what their dress will look like, which helps them narrow their search but to begin with I was quite open to most dress styles.

It didn’t take me long though to quickly eliminate the big, white classic style of wedding dress. As beautiful as some of the dresses in there are, I knew I wasn’t going to find the dress for me in normal bridal boutiques. The search continues!

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