The In-Laws turn to see the venues – 06/10/2013

So as my Dad and sisters came up to see our wedding venues a few weeks ago, it is only fair that my soon-to-be in-laws come up and have a look too. After all, they only live an hour away in North-West London. They were thrilled when we invited them up for the day and they jumped at the chance to come up. We also found out that they hadn’t actually been to Oxford for about 20 years!

We had a lovely day, wondering around the city (it was a sunny day!). Because it was a Sunday, we couldn’t actually go in and view the Oxford Town Hall, but we showed them the outside and they seemed impressed with the grandness of the building. We then walked on to the reception venue, which being a restaurant, we could of course visit and have a look around. This venue, I’m not sure how to read their expressions. I think it wasn’t what they expected, being a fairly quirky restaurant in the city. They were probably surprised that it’s not the classic, ballroom-style venue. Having said that, their reaction and response were not negative.

I think I just find it a bit harder to read my in-laws’ expressions than I do my own family, which is probably extremely normal. After that, we went for a nice pub lunch, before heading up to Bicester Village to have a mooch around.

All in all it was a good day, but it did make me realise that I had perhaps been neglecting the Groom’s side of the family slightly. I’ll need to make sure that everyone is kept well-informed/involved but not too much, otherwise I would lose my mind (too many cooks…)!

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