Wedding Ceremony Required – 08/08/2013

So the reception venue has been booked, but unless we actually get married, then there really isn’t much point in planning the reception is there?

This means that we need to come up with some sort of plan for the wedding ceremony. Our wedding reception venue is more or less in the centre of Oxford, so it would be good if we had our wedding ceremony somewhere fairly nearby. Although we were still torn between having a very small and intimate ceremony and between inviting ‘everyone’, we still needed a plan.

Most likely we will be just using the registry office in Oxford but on further investigation, the pricing doesn’t differ so much from other places if we would like our ceremony to be in the afternoon/evening.

To have a civil ceremony at the registry office in Oxford, the prices are as follows:

Between 9.15am and 12pm: £49 – £210 (depending on which room we go for)
After 12pm: £450

To have a civil ceremony in an approved venue, the price a flat fee and is as follows:

Between 9am and 5.30pm: £450

As we would like our ceremony to be in the late afternoon, having our ceremony at the registry office would cost the same as having a registrar come out to an approved venue. The only additional costs would be the venue hire, so I have spent the last week searching online for unique wedding ceremony venues in Oxford city centre; from some of the university affiliated buildings, to restaurants and museums.

One venue that has stood out is the historic Oxford Town Hall and we are going to go and have a look at it next week. Fingers crossed!

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