Wedding Ceremony Venue booked! – 15/08/2013

Fast forward one week and we had a weekend away, followed by a couple of days off to sort out the wedding ceremony venue and it’s now all booked!

After much of searching online and emailing around for potential wedding ceremony venues in Central Oxford, we decided to go and see the historic Oxford Town Hall. I had already looked at their information when searching for a reception venue, but found it rather pricey for the whole event. After looking at other venues though, their room hire for the ceremony only didn’t look too bad at all.

The building was grand and the lady showing us round was lovely. The Oxford Town Hall is in walking distance to our reception venue, so we could really picture walking down after the ceremony, with all our guests. It all made perfect sense!


The historic and beautiful Oxford Town Hall

The historic and beautiful Oxford Town Hall

We saw the Oxford Town Hall on Monday and booked it on Tuesday. Our original date of April 26th was not available, so we booked the following Saturday: 3rd May 2014. We booked the Town Hall for a two hour slot: 4.30-6.30 pm, with a view to have our ceremony begin at 5pm. On the Wednesday, we changed over our booking at The Folly (our reception venue) to 3rd May, and booked our registrar. Simples! (I know, I know… when you’re going through it, it’s a lot of pressure, but I promise, once you’ve booked, it will feel great!).

I have to admit, now that we have concrete venues booked, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. We can now start working on the smaller details and we actually have a wedding date!

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