Wedding Disagreement – 23/06/2013

Wedding disagreement is no stranger to any wedding planning. I have no doubt that it creeps into even the most in-tune of couples. It is what makes a wedding happen in the end, because without wedding disagreement, certain decisions would not be made and so the wedding doesn’t end up being the day that is becomes.

I’m still in Cyprus and enjoying the endless sunshine, the heat that sears through anything that’s put in its path. One of my younger sisters has graduated from secondary school and we all went to her graduation ceremony and then to the dinner afterwards. It’s quite funny to see them all going through the roller coaster that is finishing school and going to university, everyone dispersing to different parts of the world. Remembering what it felt like, all I can say is that it’s very different when you’re watching rather than participating.

Going back to the wedding disagreement, I have spoken to Groom on the phone about my simple wedding idea but it didn’t go down too well, mainly because it would involve inviting ‘everyone.’ I still think that at this stage Groom possibly doesn’t realise that whether we have a wedding in the UK, Cyprus or on the other side of the world, there are a number of guests who will have to be invited no matter what. These people are on the Definite/Non-negotiable list from The Wedding Guest List Guide.

Whether we like it or not, these people are going to be invited and many of them are very likely to come, so we will just have to incorporate them into the plan. I think though, that what we have decided is that a wedding in Cyprus is not going to be the ideal day for us, so at least we’ve been able to eliminate that from the plan.

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