The Wedding Dress Search Begins – 18/10/2013

The Dress: some would argue that it’s one of the most important factors of a wedding for the bride. And people often suggest that a bride is lying if she says she hasn’t started looking online for a dress or if she has absolutely no idea what she would like her dress to look like.

So it falls to reason that I might be telling a lie if I said that I got engaged in March and by October I still hadn’t started searching for a dress. And indeed, I have been searching (online at least) for ‘the dress,’ probably since I knew I wanted to marry Groom (not since he proposed, which are in fact very different times!).

Whilst I was in Cyprus in June, we went of a very small, introductory dress shopping trip. The reason I say it was a very small trip is because no dresses were actually tried on during this trip; we didn’t make any appointments at any of the bridal boutiques, so we were only able to have a look round and ask a few questions. These bridal boutiques had some amazing gowns, and they explained that once a gown is chosen, they would take all the bride’s measurements and then a dress would get made-to-measure. They also said that the latest we could place an order would be in September-time to have the dress ready by May.

This trip gave me an introductory view of what’s out there and how the process might work, but it didn’t, unfortunately give me the dress I wanted. In fact, quite the opposite: I found out that as beautiful and original as some of the big, white wedding dresses were, they just weren’t ‘me’. I struggled to identify with them. I worked out that I didn’t want a big princess-style dress, but it was also the thought of a white (or a close shade of white/ivory) that I couldn’t see myself in. Don’t get me wrong – the dresses and their colours were stunning and the brides who wear them do look amazing, but I just couldn’t imagine myself in one.

Following this trip and after much research online, I decided that what I wanted was essentially an evening gown in a champagne-like colour, rather than a traditional ‘wedding dress,’ which appeared to also have the added bonus of being far more affordable. So I now have a trip planned to go to London at the weekend with my sisters to try and find an evening gown that could step up to the plate to be ‘the dress’ for my wedding day.

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