Wedding Invitation Confusion – 30/09/2013

If you are a bride, planning your wedding, then you probably got overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice on the World Wide Web. This goes for any product or aspect of the wedding, be it venues, dresses or flowers. In fact, no aspect of weddings is exempt from the saturated market that is the wedding industry.

Wedding invitations are no exception to this rule. I’ll admit: I started the search for wedding invitations well before we had even decided whether we were having our wedding in the UK or abroad. I thought it would be a nice and easy place to start. Foolishly.

The number of websites, the number of Pins on Pinterest and the number of ideas out there are just confusing. You start off thinking you have quite a clear picture of what you want, but half an hour into a simple Google search, the edges of the picture you have in your mind begin to blur.

That said, I managed to wade through the sea that is wedding invitations to order some free samples from several websites. This was actually done quite some time back and I blogged about the samples back in July. Most websites offer free samples (in rare cases you might have to pay for postage) and that gives you a good idea of the quality of the invite but doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to choose a design.

The trouble is, the wedding invitation is the first thing related to your wedding that your guests are going to see, so it’s kinda important, right? Well yes, but then Groom asked me why I’m in such a big rush over the wedding invitations… for whatever reason, I thought the earlier we send them the better, right? Imagine my relief when I found out that wedding invitations don’t need to go out more than three months ahead of the wedding…

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