Wedding Invitations Done – 17/10/2013

The wedding invitations we ordered last week have arrived and they look amazing!

We ordered our wedding invitations from Wedding Paper Divas. They do an amazing sample service where you get to choose 8 free samples and they also send an entire sample kit. This includes a variety of different items, including paper types, colours, envelope types and lots more.

We first ordered the sample kit and 8 free samples a few weeks ago. The samples we ordered were all beautiful, and actually we couldn’t choose one of them! Instead, we chose a completely different one. We knew from the samples, that we were ordering high quality products so we didn’t have a problem doing this.

And Wedding Paper Divas did not disappoint! They’re beautiful: simple but elegant. I knew I wanted very simple flat card invites with a beautiful print. I didn’t want any inserts or extra bits of paper. Instead, we want to set up a wedding website, where we can provide our guests with lots of information and where they can also RSVP and contact us easily.

Here is the invitation we got:


The wedding invitation

The wedding invitation


It is perfect: simple, elegant and original. We were able to play around with the wording so that it suited our event and the invitation goes through a designer to set the text. They then ask us to approve the draft, before printing goes ahead.

All in all, it was a great experience ordering our wedding invitations from Wedding Paper Divas, so I would highly recommend them.

Although we have ordered the wedding invitations a bit early, it’s at least something we can tick off our to-do list! Woohoo!

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