DIY Beer Bottle Vases

Seeing small, green beer bottles piling up in the recycling box has given me an idea for using them instead of taking them down to the bottle bank. Without the labels, these 330ml Stella Artois bottles are actually really works of art in their own right. Their shape, colour and size make for beautiful little decorative items and they’re so easy to collect!

DIY Wedding Bottle Vases With Flower 2

Easy DIY wedding bottle vases

*Supplies Needed*:

– As many used bottles as needed.

– Washing up liquid.

– A sink full of warm water.


*How to*:

1. Fill up your kitchen sink (or a pot) with warm water.

2. Mix in some washing up liquid.

3. Take your bottles and fill each one with hot water and washing up liquid (separate to the soapy water in the sink/pot).

4. Put your bottles (as many as will fit) into the soapy water in the sink/pot.

DIY Wedding Bottle Vases Sink

Pop your bottles in warm soapy water

DIY Wedding Bottle Vases Sink 2

Make sure you lie the bottles down so they are fully submerged in the water

5. Let them soak for around 4 hours. If possible, top up the water with some warm/hot water every now and then.

6. Once the 4 hours is up (or thereabouts), try and peel off the labels. They should come off quite easily, though there might be some glue left on the bottles.

7. Give the bottles a good wash, using some water, washing up liquid and a dish washing sponge. This should get rid of any residue.

DIY Wedding Bottle Vases Wash Label 2

Wash of the rest of the label and the residue

8. If there is still paper/glue left on them after that, repeat steps 1 – 7.

DIY Wedding Bottle Vases Finished

A beautiful green bottle, ready for use in your DIY Wedding!

There you have it: some lovely little green bottles to use either as decoration or as vases. I think they would look great as centre piece vases with some flowers in them and other decoration around them.


DIY Wedding Bottle Vases With Flower 3

DIY Wedding used bottle vases

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