DIY Used Can Vases

We have recently ended up with about 25 empty beer cans, following many weeks of a couple of Friday night beers and a complacency about taking the recycling out. I thought to myself that there must be something that used cans could be used for in a DIY Wedding. So I’ve come up with a really simple way to transform the cans into something useful and something that can be used for good effect. Enjoy these DIY used can vases!

*Supplies Needed*: 

1. Some empty beer/drink/food cans.

2. Spray-on adhesive.

3. Glitter/material of choice.

DIY Wedding DIY Can Vases Supplies

Supplies Needed


*How to*:

1. Lay down some newspaper/paper on your work space (the adhesive gets very sticky!). It might also be a good idea to wear some disposable gloves.

2. Take your first can and spray some adhesive on it from the top, down to the bottom in a strip.

DIY Wedding Can Vases Step 2 - Spray Adhesive

Spray a strip of adhesive on the can.

3. Wait about 10-15 seconds for the adhesive to get really tacky.

4. Take your glitter (or whatever material you choose) and start sprinkling it on the strip of adhesive you sprayed on in Step 2.

DIY Wedding - Can Vases Step 4 - Start adding glitter

Start sprinkling the glitter

5. Continue to add adhesive and then glitter in strips as you make your way around the can.

DIY Wedding - Can Vases - Step 5 Continue

Continue adding adhesive and glitter all the way around the can.

6. If you’re using glitter, depending on the colour, you might need a second layer to cover any shortfalls.

DIY Wedding - Can Vases Step 6 Second Layer

Add a second layer if needed.

7. Once dried, the cans are ready to have either flowers, or other decorations/accessories in them!

DIY Wedding - DIY Used Can Vases

Your lovely DIY Used Can Vase


These cans can be used to display different types of decoration and they certainly don’t have to be covered in glitter. They can be covered in anything from lace/cloth to felt, paper or even confetti. Do share with us any other ideas you come up with to make good use of drink/food cans and happy crafting!

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