DIY Wedding Guide and Tips

DIY Wedding Guide and TipsSo you’re thinking about planning a DIY wedding…

I’ve put together this guide to hopefully help you with the decision-making process. Some brides and grooms decide from the very start that they want a DIY wedding and that they want to do all the work themselves. Others are very much against DIY-ing and would like to have everything done professionally for their big day. Both decisions are completely understandable and we don’t judge. But if you are considering DIY-ing part of your wedding, then read on to find out how to best go about it.

We never set out to make so many parts of our wedding ourselves, but we made the decisions along the way for a number of different reasons. We’ve tried to simplify this guide into two lists: the first is the list of possible reasons to go down the DIY route and then the second list aims to help make the actual decision of whether to go with DIY or to get a professional; I’ve conveniently titled this second list: Reasons not to go DIY.

Finally, we end this guide with a few tips on DIY wedding planning. Enjoy!


Why go DIY?

 – Cost: usually going down the DIY route is more cost-effective than buying a product/service in. Is it going to be a bargain?

– You get what you want: making something yourself means that you get exactly what you want, no exceptions! Can you already get it exactly as you want it ready made?

– Fun/stress relief: a DIY project can be great fun whilst planning your wedding. It can be a good distraction and if it’s something you can do with your husband-to-be or your bridal party then it can provide a creative outlet to help you cope during that busy time. Is it going to be fun?


Reasons not to go DIY:

– Cost: DIY-ing something does not always necessarily mean that you save money. Make sure you always check with professionals/suppliers before deciding to go down the DIY route. Which is cheaper?

– Cost (time): another factor to consider when sizing up the task is the amount of time it will take. This might not be worth the effort if it is going to drain your time resource to the point where you  have no time to do anything else. Do you have the time?

– Cost (stress/anxiety): if a DIY project is going to drive you completely mad and cause more stress than you’ll already be under (and you will be under stress!) then it might be worth paying a little extra and having it taken care of for you. Is this going to be really stressful?

– Not all or nothing: a DIY wedding does not have to be all or nothing. If you decide to go down the DIY wedding route, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be DIY-ed. You can mix and match: some things can be done by the pros and others you can make/do yourself. Actually, I’ll bet that this is the way most DIY weddings go. Which items should you go DIY on and which items should you buy in?



– There is very little you actually need to have a nice wedding, regardless of what the suppliers and wedding marketing say.

– Often there is a simple way of making something/adding a beautiful touch to something that already exists in one form or another: My Big Fat DIY Wedding and Pinterest are your friend for inspiration!

– Sometimes we have to admit defeat and turn to the professionals if there is something we either know we cannot do, something we do not have the inclination (or patience) to do/make or try something but are unable to finish it for whatever reason. There is no shame in turning to the suppliers and pros!

– DIY-ing bits of my wedding, gave me a great distraction and creative outlet during what was otherwise quite a stressful and busy time but if you’re finding that it is draining you, rather than encouraging you then stop. The process is supposed to be fun!

– Plan ahead: we did a lot of our DIY projects quite last minute, some of them without proper planning. Although it all came together in the end, it did add stress that could have been avoided if we had done some more careful planning. Plan your projects: plan the time they would need and the money they might cost.

– Have a Plan B: this falls under good planning. Have a back-up plan – if it’s something that is needed for the wedding/is a must then make sure you have looked into alternatives in case your DIY project falls through.


Having a DIY wedding is an extremely rewarding thing to do (in the end!). It is not the easy way to do things and it can add unnecessary worry, but once you see it all come together, it’s a wonderful feeling. Even better than that is the feeling when you see photos of your DIY projects – you will be very proud of yourself!

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