Wedding Dress Guide Part 1: Introduction

The wedding dress will, for some of you, be the most important (and potentially most extravagant) item you buy for your wedding. Others might not be that fussed and aren’t too worried about it. Many of you will want a dress that will look good and that you will love, on a more modest budget.

One thing that all brides will have in common though: they want to feel good in their wedding dress.

This series of guides will ensure you find out everything you need to know about buying a wedding dress, so that you, your groom (and your bank account) are happy. The first of the series is an introduction that will point you in the right starting direction and that will include some tips and tricks that I hope will make things much easier for you.

  • Before you start thinking about your budget, start by looking around for the style of dress you would like to wear. Find the right dress for the budget you have, not a dress that is restricted by your budget. You might say that those are one and the same, but it’s all about mentality – everything is possible and your compromises can be small.
  • Pinterest is your best friend here and is a great starting point to get inspiration, ideas and good leads on where you might find your dress. Create your Wedding Dress Board and start pinning! To start your wedding dress pinning, check out My Big Fat DIY Wedding’s The Dress Board on Pinterest.
  • The dresses you are drawn to will, most likely, have something in common; whether it is the cut/silhouette, the fabric, the general feel of the dress, there will be a common thread so work out what that is and keep it in mind when you go to start trying dresses on.
  • Try lots of different styles, shapes, fabrics and colours on, even if you think it’s not what you want. You might surprise yourself; otherwise it will provide peace of mind and will eliminate any what-ifs.
  • Remember: it is your wedding and your dress. Many people will have an opinion and it may well be different to yours, but at the end of the day, your family and friends want to see you happy on your wedding day so you must go with your gut and with what you feel is right for you.
  • Finally, don’t over-think the dress or its importance. Yes, we all want to look and feel amazing on our wedding day. Yes, the photos will be around for the rest of your years, but the most important thing on your wedding day is that you and your partner get married. That is the point of that day and as long as that happens, you will find that on the day itself, you won’t be fussed about the details. So don’t let the dress stress you out unnecessarily or make the whole process a total nightmare!

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