Wedding Dress Guide Part 2: Cut

In part 2 of this guide, we will be talking about the cut of the dress. This will help you decide on the overall basic cut of the dress, as well as help you think about things such as, whether you would like it to be long or short, tightly fitting or a looser fit.

If you haven’t yet seen our introduction to the Wedding Dress Guide, check that out first.

Broadly speaking, the cuts/silhouettes of the dresses fall into 5 main categories:

Ball gown/princess:

The classic princess cut, with its big, full skirting is a glamorous and fun option. The ball gown silhouette suits most body types, although it has, in recent years, somewhat decreased in popularity. This is the most extravagant of the styles and definitely the biggest volume of skirt. A glamorous wedding dress for glamorous but classic brides.


The a-line style of wedding dress has gained popularity lately as the smaller sister of the ball down/princess cut. With less volume in the skirt than the ball gown, the a-line dress is extremely flattering to all body types and often comes with a lot of different options for necklines. Brides who would like a short(er) dress should consider the a-line as this looks good in a calf length as well as floor length. It is a classic but very romantic wedding dress.


The mermaid cut is an elegant and glamorous one that mostly suits hourglass and top-heavy figures. The mermaid dress is tight and well-fitted from the top all the way down to the knees and then fans out at the bottom. It can have a train and most often has a small one.
With its tight bodice and fit all the way down to the knees, the dress is quite restricting so the bride that wants to cut loose on the dance floor might find this a bit tricky in a mermaid wedding dress.
The mermaid style wedding dress is a stunning and chic option, again with a variety of different things to be done with the neckline.


The sheath cut dress is similar to the mermaid silhouette but the bottom of the dress is not as accentuated as it is on the mermaid. It is a dress with a fitted bodice, but that then flows quite freely down to the floor. An elegant and simple option that is very versatile and can be as embellished or muted as the bride wishes.


The empire silhouette is also a chic and simple one. It is where the waistband clinches in just under the bust (as opposed to the waist like in the a-line). This is a style that suits most body types but is exceptionally flattering on athletic shapes. The empire wedding dress cut is, like the sheath, one that can be quite muted and modest, but it’s relatively easy to glam it up if you want. It has a bohemian and vintage feel to it and is an underrated style.

Wedding Dress Cuts


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