Wedding Dress Guide Part 3: Neckline

There are more neckline options for a wedding dress than there are cuts/silhouettes: fact.

The neckline you choose can dramatically alter the feel and glam-factor of the dress. It can spice up a relatively simple dress, or tone down something more dramatic, so this part of the Wedding Dress Guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to choose the right neckline for you.

To help with dress cuts/silhouettes, our Wedding Dress Guide Part 2: Cut will be helpful.

Sweetheart: A classic and popular neckline for those who are comfortable in strapless. Ladies with a bust that is large or very small might not find it as comfortable or easy to fit, but generally this is a quite a glamorous and daring neckline. This can glam up a simpler wedding dress and most often goes very well with the princess/ball gown cut.

Straight: Another strapless option, that is rather simpler than the sweetheart neckline. This neckline is most often matched with the a-line silhouette, but not necessarily so. This is an elegant neckline that many ladies find comfortable and chic.


Off-the-shoulder: An elegant, chic and glamorous option, the off-the-shoulder neckline can be a very effective way to spice up a wedding dress. Depending on the way it’s done, this neckline can be a very sympathetic one, matched well to vintage-style dresses. There are several variations of this as the slackness of the neckline around the shoulders can be experimented with.


Jewel: This is quite a conservative and classic neckline that goes well with all dress cuts. It is very chic and suits the majority of body types.

Bateau/boat: This is a variation on the jewel neckline, that is slightly wider and has an elegant, vintage effect. This one is classic and tends to demand quite a simple dress as the neckline is quite bold.

Sabrina: An even more extravagant version of the bateau/boat neckline. This will also command a simpler wedding gown and has quite a lot of glamorous and elegant personality.


Scoop: Another classic and simple neckline that is a bit more daring with the collar bones and chest (not bust).

V-neck: You could say that this is a variation of the scoop neckline, which can be daring, depending on how low the v shape goes. Quite modern and making a bit of a come-back.

Square: The square neckline is another variation on the scoop and is quite a classic and standard neckline. This tends to go with more elaborate/lavish wedding dress designs and acts as a simplifier to keep things elegant.


Halter: This is a fairly bold and strong neckline that will likely have a simpler cut of dress but potentially more exciting fabrics and finishings. Larger busted ladies/top-heavier ladies might find that this makes the bust look larger.


High neck: Another bold neckline, that has a similar effect to the halter. It can be overwhelming, although a lot can be done with this and it can look gorgeous if done right, in lace or tulle.

Halter strap: This is a classic halter strap and goes extremely well with the ballgown/princess cut and the a-line silhouette of wedding dress. This is very flattering on ladies with slim shoulders. The strap can be as extravagant or simple as you like.

High Neck
Halter Strap

Spaghetti strap: A classic neckline that brides who don’t want to go full-on strapless tend to favour. It is gentle and sympathetic to a more extravagant wedding dress and fabrics. This suits all body shapes/bust sizes.

Spaghetti Strap

Asymmetric: The asymmetric neckline is a daring one and is more often than not very much part of the dress and its style. It is difficult to pick it apart from the rest of the wedding gown so the two tend to go hand in hand. Often, it enhances a grecian or vintage style of dress.

Queen Anne: This neckline is quite a rich, elaborate and adventurous neckline that raises the glamour on the wedding dress to another level. It goes with more or less any cut/silhouette of dress. Brides who want a very glamorous and rich look, may well consider the Queen Anne neckline for their dresses.

Queen Anne

Illusion: The illusion neckline is a very elegant mix of the sweetheart and the jewel necklines, but the section that goes over the shoulders usually has a different fabric (often tulle). This is a chic and simple addition to any dress and will suit all body types.

Cowl: This neckline is in itself a main feature of the dress, so requires a simple dress to ensure that it doesn’t get lost. It is stunning and very classy, making the whole look elegant and chic.


Grecian: This is another neckline that is an integral part of the dress. The Grecian neckline usually goes best with a Grecian style wedding dress. It is a statement neckline that is one with the dress.



So there you have it: the majority of wedding dress necklines that you can mix and match with the dress cut/silhouette you choose. There are variations of all of these, so don’t let yourself feel constrained by them or intimidated by the number of possibilities. Chances are you will gravitate towards  a couple when you are looking at potential dresses on Pinterest, and that will help you narrow things down significantly.

Don’t be afraid to try some on – if nothing else, you’ll know what you don’t want! Happy wedding dress shopping!


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